Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow and Foam

Better than if a little boy would have written his name in the snow...
May I introduce you to Mrs.Snowman

I feel like I'm missing something...

Oh, there it is!

Notice how the center of the 'P' is missing...

A few weeks ago we had a dusting of snow. Though it was small, it was the perfect mix to make a snowman. Actually Shelby made a snow woman! She used pieces of a toy that has hair and shoes to stick in the snowperson she made. She also found a way to write her name in the driveway, which I was able to see from our security camera. The way our driveway comes to the house makes it hard to hear visitors, so when my grandma lived here she put a camera in to see people coming up the drive.

Now for the foam part of the story... Madison has a set of the foam letters you can put down for safety and for fun. She loves to play with them! She has more fun taking the smaller pieces out of some of the letters. Like the middle of the 'A' and the parts of the 'B'. She's been teething for what seems like FOREVER and is chewing on any and everything we'll let her have. These pieces are the perfect fit for her. The downfall is what happens when you get them wet... they get sticky!