Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Time

The Host & Hostess
The lovely food

Madison and her party dress

Marcie and Madison

Bill and Madison

Ericka and Suzanne

Suzanne and Bill

We had a wonderful evening yesterday. Our friends who had moved away Christmas last year to the windy city of Chicago moved back home. We missed them so much! Another blessing was having Bill home from Iraq. We hadn't seen him since last year and he had never met Madison. He was preparing to deploy when she was born. She had the best time playing with him. I know Suzanne is glad to have him home. They were married the day after Thanksgiving and he left just a few short weeks after that. Their first year as Newlyweds was spent apart. Madison did really well with all the new people she met and also with the decorations that were sitting on the tables in her reach! I dressed her in her Christmas Party dress. She looked lovely! We also enjoyed seeing our other friends who we don't get to see as often either because of John's schedule and having Miss Madi. We can't exactly take her out to a trendy restaurant at 8pm at night. That wouldn't go over so well. So it is nice when we get to spend time with them. We enjoyed a turkey and a cranberry sauce/jelly from Whole Food Market. Best Turkey I have ever eaten! Best Cranberry anything I have ever tasted! The rest of the food was brought by the party goers. Everything turned out wonderful! After dinner John took Madison home. It was getting to be both their bedtimes. John had worked all day and Madi goes to bed around 8 or so. After they packed up and headed home, the rest of us played Cranium. What fun! I didn't take any pictures of that- sorry. However, for the record I would like to say that our team pulled out the win. Suzanne, Bill, and myself were on a team. It came down to the last question, it was a close game.... but in the end there can only be one winner! I look forward to a rematch. It was a great start to our holiday season.