Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Having Fun

I'm glad that I let Shelby's dance teacher talk me into taking a class too. I am having so much fun and I look forward to my class on Tuesday nights. Our recital song is Matchbox 20, Look How Far We've Come. It is fast paced and high energy. Having not danced in many, many years (and never tap) this has been a learning experience. It's one hour a week that belongs all to me! As a working mother, I need some "me" time. The kids have their activities and I now have mine. Shelby has been dancing at this studio for 4 years. We love it there! She is going to be in 3 numbers this year. Last year was the first time she did 2. GOD has given her the talent of creativity. She can dance and create art work effortlessly. I don't want to feel like I am leaving Ian out here. He is very involved in his Scout troop. They do a lot more activities when the weather is warmer. Madison is still learning and growing each day. In the past few weeks, she has learned to clap. She has also learned to "love" her stuffed animals and us. We tell her "Love your bunny Madison" and she will pick it up and wrap both arms around it, squeeze it tight and swing side to side. If we tell her "Love your Ian" she will lean her head to touch his and reach out for him. Each day is amazing at what she can do!