Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Action News Live at 5

Good things happen when bad things happen. Bad thing was the lovely ice we had this afternoon at 4:30 when it was time to leave work. I actually get off at 5 and at quarter of I was going to go out and defrost the car so it would be nice and toasty when it was time to leave. I was also going to move it closer to the building. This is completely safe in our parking lot because we can see our cars from the large drive-thru window we have. The building is an old bank and still has the drive-thru because we still use it. Kind of neat. Anway, I knew it was icy outside so I was going to walk extra cautious across the parking lot. I never made it. I took one step off the sidewalk and the next thing I know I'm staring at the side of our building laying on the ground. I fell pretty hard. Hard enough to cry, but I didn't. I laid there a minute to catch my breath and make sure I was okay. If the fall wasn't bad enough, our building faces the main road through town. 2 cars stopped to see if I was okay and one of them actually pulled in our lot to help me out. It was a very nice man and his 9 month pregnant wife. He helped me up, took my keys and pulled my car to the building for me and started it up. During this process his wife had rolled the window down and asked if I was alright and began telling me she was 9 months pregnant and had a doctor appointment today and her husband helped her along the way. So I went back inside after they parted and proceeded to check my self out. Pulled up my sleeve and was like WOW. I have a pretty nasty bruise and my elbow was bleeding a little. I thought for sure I would have a bruise on my hip which took a part of the fall, but nothing. So 5 o'clock rolls around and I head to the car. I called John (my hubby) to advise him of the dangerous conditions and tell him about my fall. He decides that he is going to meet me at Madison's daycare so that I don't have to worry about the icy parking lot there and carrying her across in the heels I already fell in. I got to her room and started packing her stuff up. I sat down in a rocking chair while she played on the floor. She stood up next to a toy bin, holding on the side and digging for a toy. Then it happened. She turned away from the tub and let go. She's been doing this bravery trick for a week or so. Nothing could have prepared me for what took place next. She took a step, then another, then another, and then one more! I was in tears of joy! My baby girl is starting to walk. Once she lost her balance and sat down I headed over to pick her up, but before I got to her she got plowed by a toddler and started screaming. Her nursery worker picked her up and calmed her down. Shortly after Daddy arrived and it was all better. So had I not fallen and decided to hang out at daycare waiting on John, I may not have seen my baby take her first steps. I can't believe how fast she is growing. **sigh**