Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arrow of Light

I previously mentioned that I would update our Just Us post with pictures of Ian's ceremony. Instead I decided to devote a post to Ian and his accomplishment.

This excerpt was taken from Wikipedia regarding the Arrow of Light Ceremony:

The Arrow of Light award is the highest award available to Cub Scouts. In addition to the skill and activity requirements of the preceding ranks, the Arrow of Light requires Scouts to learn the Scout Promise and Scout Law, and visit one meeting and one activity of a Boy Scout troop, in preparation for advancing to the Boy Scouts. The Arrow of Light award is the only Cub Scout award[note 1] that can be worn on a Boy Scout uniform. Both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts wear the badge below the left pocket. Adults wear the square-knot version of the badge above the left pocket.

We are so proud of him. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

This is Ian crossing from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Another part of the ceremony. The boys walk across the platform as to symbolize the true crossing from Cub Scouts (aka boys) to Boy Scouts (aka young men)


Table Decorations, Ian with his Grandparents Ed & Becky.

Ian at the head table for the boys receiving the Arrow of Light award.
Mommy and Ian. He actually let me take a picture with him while his friends were around!