Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bitten Once Shame on You... Bitten 3 times Shame on Me!

Well, as I have previously posted our little Madison was bitten at daycare back at the first of February. This past Thursday she was bitten again. Friday... she was bitten again. After her bite on Thursday John and I discussed finding a new place for her to go. Friday morning before he headed in to work he went to 2 more centers and checked things out. He called me with his report. He had found a place that we think would suit us much better. The security is A LOT better both inside and out. As you know if you've read along... car broken into back in February too. If you missed the big post, you can read it here. We moved Miss Madison to her new day care on Monday. I must say that I could not be happier! She is loving it. The teachers there are super nice, along with the directors. They have made every effort to see how she is adjusting and how we feel she is doing. The write the coolest notes home everyday. Its not the boring Xerox sheet that is distributed to each kid. It is a personal hand-written note from her teacher letting us know exactly what they did each day and how she is doing. We do get the basics too (what she ate/how long she napped/diapers...) but it is separate from her "notebook". Another awesome thing for us is the curriculum that is actually taught. Starting from the age group she is in now, they actually have a lesson plan for the week. It is also a Christian based child care center so she will get to learn about Jesus too!

Poor Madi the evening of the first bite. Her face is so grubby because she wouldn't let us hardly touch her to clean it.

These are the scratches that accompanied the bite. This is her right cheek, she has matching set on her left cheek as well. I was absolutely furious. A quick bite is one thing, but the child that did this was latched on pretty tight if they couldn't break the contact.