Friday, January 9, 2009

John and the Deer

John hurt Bambi. I'm sure by now it has probably died. On his way home from work 1/8/09, a family of deer jumped over a fence in front of him. He was unable to stop in time and ended up hitting the small deer as it jumped in his path. He hit the rear hip of the poor, defenseless little animal. I say this only to joke. John is upset about hitting the animal. I on the other hand am sad for the animal, but this is the way I look at it:

1) God created deer.
2) God did not give deer intelligence.
3) Deer jump in front of cars- on purpose!
4) Deers die.

We would never intentionally go out and kill a deer with our vehicles. If it were a person it would be vehicular manslaughter. However, now we have to pay our deductible to get the Honda fixed. Thanks Bambi! The good out of the bad is that John was not driving fast and was not hurt. That was all I cared about when he told me about the accident. The van can be fixed, deer will reproduce, but my husband is irreplaceable.


Shelley said...

oh, i feel sorry for Bambi too! Glad hubby is ok though.

When we went down to visit family in western KY for Thanksgiving, we saw a little Honda hit a doe that ran onto the highway after her partner. She flew about 30 feet up in the air and landed all the way on the other side. It was awful--i was just so thankful that 1. the couple inside was ok (said it was the fourth deer they'd hit that year!) 2. that i had forgotten something inside our hotel room and ran back in to get it before we left (or it could of been us!) and 3. that the boys had gone ahead with my mom and weren't in the van with us (i sure was glad i didn't have to explain that to a five and three year old. OH! the questions!!!) ;)

Shelley said...

you ok? just checkin' in! ;)