Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Madison

While this is a bittersweet moment for your Daddy & me, we are so excited to be celebrating your 1st birthday! This was a moment we never expected. Watching you grow over the past year has been truly amazing. You quickly developed your own personality and made it very clear! You have been such a blessing in our lives. We thank GOD each and every day for you! It's bittersweet simply because we know that you are our first, last, and only child. For that we are thankful and grateful and are enjoying every moment. Your brother and sister love you very much! Your first birthday party was a success. The day could not have gone any better. Though your birthday was really on Friday, we celebrated on Sunday so everyone could be together. Thank you for all the cards from our family who were thinking about Madison on her special day. Grandpa Steve and Nana JoAnn for my new clothes! Grammy Theresa for my new horse scooter. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I'm working on it. Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue for my cell phone and car keys. I can talk and drive just like mommy now. Grandma Judy for my Sesame Street Phone so I can talk to Elmo and Cookie Monster. Aunt Mary and Uncle Brad for the $ so I can save for something in the future. Dalton for my very first Webkinz! My mommy will have to help me with that. And last but not least, Mommy thank you for my wonderful cake!

Of course that is what Madison would say to everyone if she was able to talk!


Shelley said...

i can't believe you made that! I'm so impressed. I'll have to send you pics of Evan's first cake. You'll laugh at me!