Monday, May 4, 2009


Meet Iceberg. Iceberg is Madison's penguin friend. Press his hand and he plays the tune "Jingle Bell Rock". Iceberg was lovingly stuffed at Build-A-Bear workshop by Mommy & Daddy for Madi as a Christmas present. On Christmas morning, Madison was more interested in playing with Iceberg's Igloo than she was her new friend. All in due time. She wasn't even a year old yet. Rewind if you will back to January 9, 2008. This is Madi's birthday. John was making frequent runs between home and the hospital to tend to our pets. At some point during our hospital stay (5 days!) he ventured into the gift shop. He bought Madi her first penguin. This is where it started. The penguin was not just a stuffed animal. Nope. He was a Star Registry animal. Madi has her very own star named after her out in the cosmos.
So with that a star, err, I mean a penguin was born. Moving right along... we kept with the penguin theme for Halloween. It just seemed so cute and all since her first Daddy purchase was the stuffed penguin, why not dress her up as a penguin too! As luck would have it, Gymboree had a penguin costume for 2008 and I caught it on clearance. Even better.
Now we're up to Christmas and you've already met Iceberg. The entire purpose of this post was centered around the pajama's. A friend and fellow blogger from high school has a daughter who is 8 months older than Madison. When catching up on some reading, I saw a post of her daughter in these pajama's. Since that post was at Christmas and her daughter is now 2, I thought, Hey! Wonder if she still has those and would she be willing to sell them to me? I forwarded her a copy of the picture from her blog and as luck would have it, she still had them. Before I could offer to pony up some dough, she was asking for my mailing address and was ready to ship them out. As you can see, they fit wonderfully and Iceberg thinks they're nifty too.

Thanks again Kristin & daughter... (didn't get permission to use baby's name so I'm not gonna post it here!)


Kristin said...

No problem! Cate and I are happy to share!

Controlling My Chaos said...

That's so cool. Bloggers are so nice. I love them.

Anonymous said...

We could be best friends--I'm in love with ANYTHING penguin!

And CUTE backdrop by the way...did you make it? Great blog btw!